[tei-council] notated music

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jul 4 13:17:40 EDT 2011

On 04/07/11 17:24, Martin Holmes wrote:
> On 11-07-04 09:16 AM, Lou Burnard wrote:
>> I think that #3 is clearly necessary, #1 is debatable, and #2 is
>> something that needs a lot more discussion
> But if #3 is syntactic sugar for #2, shouldn't we deal with #2 first? We
> can't detail the semantics of<notatedMusic>  as a special case of
> something else when we haven't yet created the something else.
> Or do you think it's better to create<notatedMusic>  first, and work out
> the semantics of its parallel content, and then use that as the basis
> for a more generalized element at a later date? That does seem
> topsy-turvy to me.

I agree entirely that this is topsy-turvy... but I also want to 
see progress on notatedMusic and know that sorting out 2 properly 
(which I agree we should do first) will take quite awhile, and 
I'd like to see the music encoding people getting on and using 
it.  Since it is a fairly small community at the moment I don't 
think they'll have a problem migrating/transforming at a later 
date.  (I also can't imagine a change to the container that we'd 
make which isn't fairly easy to script a conversion for.)

There seems to be general consensus for accepting notatedMusic. 
Do we have a volunteer for taking the prose in 
Documents/notatedMusic/notatedMusic.xml and adding it to the 
chapter on figures? (Making sure it fits style of the 
Guidelines?)  Do we have a volunteer for checking that 
P5/Source/Specs/notatedMusic.xml matches what we've discussed?


Dr James Cummings, InfoDev,
Computing Services, University of Oxford

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