[tei-council] Some more on notatedMusic to the council

Raffaele Viglianti raffaele.viglianti at kcl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 29 12:19:49 EDT 2011

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your interest and for sharing your paper. We discuss at 
length possible uses of notatedMusic here: 
This is the result of a TEI-sponsored project that went on from August 
to December last year. In brief, we think that the TEI is currently 
missing an element to mark the presence of music notation in text. Such 
element would allow one to clearly identify where the notated music is, 
describe what it is and refer to one or more representations of it.
The referred representation could be a Sibelius file (closed, 
proprietary, displayable on the web only with their flash-based 
software), other binary formats (e.g. Finale), a MusicXML file 
(semi-open, displayable on the web with some dedicated tools), MEI 
(open, academic-oriented, not largely supported at the moment), other 
text-based representations (lilypond, humdrum, mup, etc.). It goes 
without saying that these digital representations potentially give you 
more control and expressiveness to the notation than a plain image.

In the page that I linked above, we also describe an extension to the 
proposed element to embed MEI code directly into the element, and 
provide some full examples. It would be great to hear your comments 
about it.
One of the first uses that we are planning to make of this customization 
is for the alignment of TEI-encoded librettos and MEI-encoded editions 
of the operatic score.

Best wishes,

Raffaele Viglianti
PhD Candidate and PGRA
Department of Digital Humanities
King's College London

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