[tei-council] Some more on notatedMusic to the council

Martin Mueller martinmueller at northwestern.edu
Wed Jun 29 11:51:23 EDT 2011

I wonder whether the discussion about notatedMusic has now reached a point
where somebody (perhaps Raffaele) would take the time to summarize in
terms that are intelligible to a musicologist with relatively little
knowwledge of the TEI what is at stake here.

I say this for two reasons. Much of the technical detail in this thread is
beyond my competence, but that's OK since I'm not a member of the council.
On the other hand, I recently published a paper on Mozart's Idomeneo in
Arion. An earlier and longer version of it is on the Web
(http://panini.northwestern.edu/AnaServer?Mozart+0+frame2.anv), and in
that version I tried to give a lot of illustrations, using rather kludgy
pointers both to scores and performed excerpts in mp3 files. In principle,
one could think of other forms of representation, e.g. an excerpt of a
score in Sibelius (or similar software) that is then reduced for
analytical purposes and rendered in some fashion.

I take it that what is at stake in this discussion is the rich citational
potential in the discussions of music. Perhaps there is already a
discussion of this somewhere in the bowels of the council listserv, and I
just missed it. But if there isn't, it would be really helpful to have a
page that explains to writers about music what these proposed changes can
do for them.  And that page might serve as a draft for what goes into the

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