[tei-council] Fwd: Some more on notatedMusic to the council

Raffaele Viglianti raffaele.viglianti at kcl.ac.uk
Tue Jun 28 11:36:53 EDT 2011

Dear Sebastian,

> what still bothers me most is the changed semantics of<ptr>  in
> <ptr target="bar1.xml"/>, as opposed to<ptr target="http://www.bbc.co.uk/"/>.,
> I believe you mean "transclude that Chopin bar 1 here as best you can",
> not "here is a link to a resource for the Chopin". In which case let's get ourselves
> a generic element which does that (of which<graphic>  will be a specialization
> short-hand).

Ok, I understand your point now.

Should we open a feature request for this generic element that 
"transcludes" rather than "point to" an external resource and make 
<graphic> a specialization of it?
What about <embed>? I can imagine that <audio> and <video> could be 
further specilizations of this element that one could add later one, 
with dedicated attributes. For the purpose of <notatedMusic>, a generic 
@target or @url will be sufficient.

(hope you had a nice trip back from Stanford!)

Best wishes,

Raffaele Viglianti
PhD Candidate and PG Research Assistant
Department of Digital Humanities
King's College London

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