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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jun 22 20:35:02 EDT 2011

> More comments from Raffaele..

> However, what really matters to us is having an element that
> specifically marks the presence of music notation in text. This is very
> different, conceptually, from marking the presence of something that is
> not text; if a generic element for grouping pointers to alternative
> representation is a real necessity in TEI, then it should live *inside*
> <notatedMusic> and not *instead* of <notatedMusic>.

ok, understood.  So the parallel with <formula> is correct? as that
marks the presence of maths in the text.

> For the same reason, I would still argue for membership to model.global.
> As a figure can exist between textual divisions, so can music notation.
> This is because notated music exists at a higher level of abstraction
> than graphic or other binary objects.

I agree. you should be able to have maths or music in the same places,
all over the place, like <figure> as a wrapper for <graphic>. If that
means model.global, so be it. Thats a separate battle :-}

> If the generic use of a mime-typed <ptr> is not welcome, then we need to
> add *new* qualifying elements that have a similar collocation to
> <graphic> or <formula>: i.e. <audio> or <video>.

I worry that the floating <ptr> alongside <graphic> or <audio>
has different semantics. <graphic url="foo.jpg"/> and 
<ptr target="foo.jpg"/> have different meanings. 

We need something more like <media>, with the same attribute set as <graphic>
has now, I would suggest. I think that this would solve your problems,
and mine (for video).

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