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More comments from Raffaele.

James Cummings, InfoDev, OUCS, University of Oxford (via phone)

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On 19/06/11 17:19, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> What would people think of this sort of name:
>   <nontextual width="xxx" height="yyy" type="music|video|math">
>      <ptr mimeType="video/mpg" target="foo.mp4"/>
>      <ptr mimeType="music/lilypond" target="foo.ly"/>
>      <desc>some music</desc>
>   </nontextual>

My problem with that is that music notation is *very* textual. And there
is no distinction between music audio vs music text - occasionally
called "symbolic" music notation to make it more comprehensive, e.g.
(but not limited to) to include notation for sound synthesis.
My objection, though, may be a problem of nomenclature rather than


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