[tei-council] genetic proposals: follow up (long!)

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Sun Jun 19 03:29:02 EDT 2011

Coming back from a week of standardization meetings (you don't imagine how nice it is to have enough time to work on details, have many concentration meetings and think about strategies), I'm just taking up things to nth Martin's proposal here; <facsimile type="genetic"> would help us think of a coherent representation scheme between what we had before and what the geneticians need.

Le 13 juin 2011 à 16:46, Martin Holmes a écrit :

> Hi there,
> On 11-06-10 08:12 PM, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
>>>>> So the question is: do you feel that it would be appropriate to
>>>>> combine the functionality of the existing<facsimile>   with the
>>>>> proposed<document>   ? If we agree on that, then it will be necessary
>>>>> to think up a new name (which is neither "document" nor "facsimile").
>> Perhaps I've forgotten or missed this part of the discussion in Chicago,
>> but I don't see why it follows that we need a new name.  Instead,
>> couldn't we simply expand the semantics of the proposed<document>
>> element so that<document type="facsimile">  would be the new preferred
>> way of doing<facsimile>?  Then<facsimile>  could either be deprecated
>> for future use or left in the Guidelines as syntactic sugar.
> Most of us didn't like the proposed <document>, for a variety of 
> reasons, so I do think a new name would be appropriate (and I still like 
> <diploma>). I also wouldn't mind proposing that the genetic folks think 
> about keeping <facsimile>, perhaps with <facsimile type="genetic">. That 
> would give us perfect backwards compatibility and no deprecation.
> Cheers,
> Martin
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