[tei-council] Jenkins server setup

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Tue May 24 19:12:06 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Sebastian and I have now finished our work figuring out how to get a 
basic Jenkins server working, and turned the result into a script and a 
set of instructions, which you can find here:


I've built and tested this in several VMs, and we're now in the process 
of getting a proper VM set up on a permanent basis to serve as the 
second TEI Jenkins server. I'm hoping this won't take much more than a 
couple of weeks (should be only a day once sysadmin creates the VM for 
me). Once it's running, I'll report the location of the server and add 
it to the documentation on the wiki.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to read through the docs and 
comment, or even try the process in a VM, that would be great.

Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
(mholmes at uvic.ca)

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