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Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Mon May 16 05:06:47 EDT 2011

Excellent. Thanks a lot, James.

Le 16 mai 2011 à 10:59, James Cummings a écrit :

> Hi all,
> David and I have decided to move this work to the second week of 
> August.  So you now have until the 5th of August to get your bugs 
> and feature requests relating to the website in.
> Additionally, we have roped in Martin and Stuart as volunteers to 
> help us squash some of the bugs. :-)
> -James
> On 09/05/11 09:57, James Cummings wrote:
>> Dear Council,
>> Just reminding you about the following announcement made back in
>> February. Please put in any TEI Website bugs or Feature Requests
>> (marking them as category 'TEI: Website Suggestions') by this
>> friday the 13th.
>> -James
>> On 28/02/11 12:55, James Cummings wrote:
>>> Hi TEI-Council,
>>> David Sewell and I have a slightly amorphous list of things that
>>> we think should be done to improve the TEI-C Website and its
>>> display in a number of browsers. We've set aside some periods of
>>> time (fitting around our work commitments and such) to have a
>>> development window in mid-May.  We would encourage members of the
>>> Council (and Board if someone wishes to forward this email there)
>>> to submit Bugs and Feature Requests in the 'TEI: Website
>>> Suggestions' category before Friday 13 May 2011. We hope that
>>> knowing that there will be some development time spent on this
>>> will encourage the submission of such bugs/feature requests.
>>> We are not looking for any bugs or feature requests to be
>>> submitted to us directly, but would _prefer_ people use
>>> Sourceforge. The scope of such bugs and feature requests should
>>> be reasonable improvements to the display and/or functionality of
>>> any part of the website (including Guidelines). Unfortunately
>>> some of this is limited by the underlying content management
>>> system and we're not intending to change this during this
>>> development window.  We don't promise to implement all of the
>>> suggestions submitted and will prioritise them with an arcane
>>> algorithm of perceived difficulty of implementation vs benefit to
>>> the TEI community.  If anyone wants to help, let us know.
>>> Although this email is public (because it is on a
>>> publicly-archived mailing list) we are consciously not informing
>>> TEI-L of this development window until much closer to the date
>>> when we will announce a drive for suggested improvements.  (This
>>> does not mean you can't encourage people to submit bugs/feature
>>> requests in this category...they are free of course to do so at
>>> any time.)
>>> Best,
>>> -James
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