[tei-council] renaming <stage> and @stage : the votes

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 4 11:11:42 EDT 2011

Thanks to everyone for getting their votes on this vexed  issue in! I 
wish I could say that the results were decisive as a result of this 
exercise in enhanced democracy, but sadly they were not.

In first place, there were four votes for <layer> and three for 
<changeSet>. and one for each of <stratum> <phase> and <revCampaign>.
Four out of 10 is not a viable majority, so I tried redistributing the 
second and third place votes of those who had voted for the last three 
names. This increased the numbers for <layer> slightly (to 5), but 
reintroduced some new minority candidates.

The underlying problem is that we have too few voters and too many 
candidates, obviously. There are quite a few people who like <changeSet> 
and probably a few more who like <layer>. In the interests of moving on, 
I think we should adopt <layer> until such time as a better idea comes 
along, and would like Council's approval to make that proposal in a 
document to be circulated as a response to the workgroup.

Is that acceptable?

Keen watchers of sourceforge etc. will have noticed that there was a 
rash of implementation activity just before the mayday break. I expect 
to resume that shortly: just a few other chores to clear away first...


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