[tei-council] straw poll votes

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Sat Apr 30 14:48:40 EDT 2011

My apologies, for the silence in general, today is my first day of
near-sanity after several days of writing horror. Will read the poll
e-mails tomorrow morning (got the thread highlighted and waiting), and
will vote then.



On 30.04.2011 19:51, Lou Burnard wrote:
> Nail biting stuff this.
> As of today, I have received only seven valid ballot papers from the 11 
> voting members of the council. I also received one spoiled ballot (in 
> which several candidates appeared in first position) but that still 
> leaves THREE of you who have apparently not voted. I've now harangued 
> the guilty parties privately, with a plea to get their preferences in 
> within the next few days.
> OK the turnout is MUCH better than most elections, but sadly it hasn't 
> given us an over all winner yet!

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