[tei-council] straw poll

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Mon Apr 25 09:26:46 EDT 2011

Pondering further how to interpret the results of my straw poll on 
finding a better name than "stage", I realise that the electoral 
procedure was fatally flawed in that I allowed "write-in" nominations, 
so that (a) there are candidates which only the proposer knew about, and 
for which therefore other voters could not express a preference (b) some 
candidates are virtually synonymous.

As this is definitely a good time to be thinking about the benefits of 
electoral reform (esp in britain), I'd like to impose on your patience 
again, by requesting all council members to express a preference for the 
following candidate names. The rules this time round are strictly AV: i.e.
- you should rank *all* the candidates you could tolerate from the list, 
putting 1 against the most preferred, 2 against the next best, and so 
on, until you reach a candidate you are not prepared to contemplate with 
- the winner will be the first candidate to get an absolute majority 
(i.e. 6 votes or more) in a voting round
- the first voting round will look at all the first preferences; if no 
absolute winner emerges, the votes from the second preferences will be 
added, and so on.

Simples, as we say over here in Royal Wedding Land.

Here's the candidate list, in alpha order:


Send me your votes privately, to arrive before midnight on 28th April!

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