[tei-council] FR 3106829 on <quote> and <floatingText> (was Re: (no subject))

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Fri Apr 15 15:37:36 EDT 2011

I don't like the implication that we cleanly distinguish "semantic" and 
"syntactic" elements. All elements are both in some sense. So here's my 

The semantics of <quote> imply that its content emanates from somewhere 
external to the current text. The <floatingText> element, on the other 
hand, is used whenever the richer content model it provides is required 
to support mark up of a  document or part of a document which is 
presented as a discrete inclusion within the text. Such an inclusion 
might resemble an enclosure or an attachment, or an embedded story 
within a framing narrative, or appear within  an explicit quotation. 
Hence the two elements may be used in combination: a <floatingText> may 
appear within a <quote>, and may also of course include a <quote> as 
part of its own structure.

On 12/04/11 14:29, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
> I've done some further revisions, so this is the latest version of the
> proposal for how to handle feature request 3106829.
> ###
> Replace:
> The floatingText element should only be used for complete texts which
> form a part of the text being encoded. Where a character in one
> narrative quotes from some other text or narrative, fully or in part,
> the quote element discussed in 3.3.3 Quotation should be used instead.
> with:
> It is important to distinguish the use of<floatingText>  and<quote>.
> <quote>  is a semantic element for a passage attributed to an external
> agent, whereas<floatingText>  is a syntactic element and is used to
> provide rich internal structure for a text or part of a text which is
> included within the main text, such as an enclosure or attachment or
> simply a story within a frame narrative.  These elements may be used in
> combination. In the case of an extended quotation,<floatingText>  may be
> used as a child of<quote>.  On the other hand, there may be cases where
> a<floatingText>  includes one or more<quote>  elements as part of its
> structure.
> If there are no further comments in the next week, I can add this as a
> comment on the ticket.
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