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Brett Barney bbarney2 at unlnotes.unl.edu
Mon Apr 11 16:13:52 EDT 2011

A couple of thoughts about this draft language:

1) Is it true that <quote> should be used for stuff that "emanates from a
character within a text"?
2) I'd get rid of "Similarly" in "Similarly, <floatingText> may of course
include <quote>
3) I'd also suggest that the last sentence be deleted and that the salient
bit of it be added to the third sentence: "<floating Text>, on the other
hand is syntactic and is used . . . ."



> Suggestion for a paragraph disambiguating <quote> and <floatingText>:
> It is important to distinguish the use of <floatingText> and <quote>.
<quote> is a semantic element which implies that its content is quoted from
an external > source, or emanates from a character within the text.
<floatingText>, on the other hand, is used to provide rich internal
structure for a document or part of > a document which is included in the
text; this inclusion may be in the context of an explicit quotation (in
which case <floatingText> may be a child of > > <quote>), or it may simply
be inserted (as for example in the case of an enclosure or an attachment).
Similarly, <floatingText> may of course include <quote> > as part of its
structure. Thus, <quote> may be thought of as a semantic element, while
<floatingText> is syntactic, and is used whenever the rich content > model
it provides is required.
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