[tei-council] mess up over tei_all.xsd

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Mar 2 10:03:39 EST 2011

On 02/03/11 14:23, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> By the way,  are we sure that the next number after 1.9 is 1.10? I quite
>> fancy 1.A myself, but that's probably because I spent my formative years
>> reading hexadecimal dumps
> I was hoping you'd have that conversation Chicago when I am not there
> and so  I don't have to come up with an opinion.....

Please let's not make the version numbering any more confusing! 
1.10.0 comes after 1.9.*

> if we got gen crit and music in, I'd go for 2.0.0 and avoid the problem

That is certainly true.

What I'm not sure of are the general criteria and/or process by 
which we adopt the a large submission of prose and changes into 
the TEI Guidelines?  I.e. We have a system for adopting schema 
changes, but what set of steps do we want to go through when 
adopting prose that someone else has written. (Even if in this 
case it has the hand of people like Lou and Elena on it, what 
should the general process be? Or should there be one?)


Dr James Cummings, InfoDev,
Computing Services, University of Oxford

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