[tei-council] access to current builds of TEI P5

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jan 27 14:49:11 EST 2011

On 27 Jan 2011, at 19:21, Kevin Hawkins wrote:

> I believe that Lou once told me there was an intentional decision not to 
> give out access too widely to limit the number of people who might 
> accidentally mess things up.

The repo belongs to yo, the TEIC, not me or Lou :-} we do what you ask

>  I'm not saying we shouldn't change 
> policies (especially since we're hearing that Oxford won't continue to 
> contribute editorial services much longer)

We never did contribute editorial services; we did that as a paid
service.  But thats a bit different from Sourceforge adminning.

> but there should be some 
> consideration here.  Are you thinking of limiting access to currently 
> serving Council members or really opening it up to anyone who asks?

I am not thnking anything. I am one of two owners of the project,
and I propose to administer it however this Council (and the Board) tell me
(and that naturally includes adding other admins as needed).

Personally, I would recommend opening commit rights to anyone
whom this Council deems trustworthy. I think the dangers are minimal,
to be honest. Any larceny will be rapidly detected, and community
pressure will sort things out.

current committers are actually very varied:

Dot Porter
Daniel O'Donnell
David Sewell
Elena Pierazzo
BODARD Gabriel
Gregor Middell
Janet McKnight
James Cummings
John Ivor Carlson
Kevin Hawkins
Lou Burnard
Marcus Bingenheimer
Mikel L. Forcada
Peter Boot
Sebastian Rahtz
Syd Bauman
Sorin Ristache

(which includes you, Kevin!).

It is not a very exclusive club! would we like me to remove anyone?

only the following folks have ever made a change to P5:

  David Sewell 
  J-L Benoit 
  Lou Burnard
  Sebastian Rahtz  
  Syd Bauman  

(I am not sure who "bery" is, by the way).
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