[tei-council] logistics for Council meeting in Chicago

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 26 16:01:49 EST 2011

On 26/01/11 19:53, Martin Mueller wrote:
> I costs are a concern, would it make sense to have the meeting in Evanston at the
> Orrington Hotel. It would be a good deal cheaper than the Marriot, I think. there is
> a very nice and even cheaper hotel within walking distance. And it's virtually on
> the Northwestern campus.

Are you thinking of the place Laurent and I and others stayed at when we 
came to the symposium last month?
If so, I can confirm that it was very nice -- much nicer than the OHare 
Marriott certainly!

Maybe you could even swing us a meeting room at North Western?

However, you probably need to discuss this off line with Kevin, who has 
already done a lot of hard work getting things organised

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