[tei-council] TEI P5 1.9.0

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 26 09:09:24 EST 2011

On 26 Jan 2011, at 14:02, Laurent Romary wrote:

> Probably yes :-}. Could the experience gained from automating the  
> maintenance of a Debian package be used to support other platforms,  
> like MacOS?

no idea, sorry. one would have to find a Mac engineer who understands
what is involved.

>> XQuery to a eXist database to do that. I'd rather it was all in
>> browser memory in Javascript, so no server dependency.
> I guess this is not +that+ difficult to do, isn't it?

At a guestimate, let's say 20 days developer FTE. That would cost £10,000
if we did it. Perhap's Lou's eager French beavers could take it on?

>> I really don't know
> OK. Part of the things to be debated in April.

with the caution that I may well be the person who knows most in the area already,
so the debate may not advance, because we don't have anyone who groks this.


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