[tei-council] invalid examples allowed in Guidelines?

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Tue Jan 11 05:00:48 EST 2011

On the contray (and we had this debate before), our duty is also to  
anticipate and give guidance on mechanisms which are direct  
consequences of providing something as generic as ODD. I would not  
mind mentioning in the documzentation that a feature is not yet  
implemented in Roma, but let users decide what they would do with this.
A concrete application would be for someone to extract (by means of  
his home-made stylesheets) all examples that can be validated and put  
them as a reference set for further distribution. You don't need to  
change your tools for this. Think large!

Le 11 janv. 11 à 10:56, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :

> On 11 Jan 2011, at 09:53, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> I would combine this proposal with what I suggested yesterday. We  
>> need
>> to put flesh around egXML in any case. James' proposal impacts on the
>> presentation, but we also need to control the validation
> I am personally not in favour of adding features which we cannot  
> implement.
> So I'd suggest not putting in an RFC unless/until we have a clearer  
> idea how
> such a thing could work.
> In general I would say that what schema elements are validated  
> against,
> and how that is arranged, is outside our scope.
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