[tei-council] FR nuncles: new element tei:objectType

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 7 09:41:22 EST 2011

On 07/01/11 14:17, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 7 Jan 2011, at 14:02, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> - re: "make", the question is really if there are some alternatives
>> which would make so many of us basically happy. Is there a widely
>> spread, platform independant framework, with a good and native
>> connection to svn?
> not sure where connection to svn comes in?
> but see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_build_automation_software
> for an idea of the scale of the problem

What is the problem we're trying to solve here?

Where is the evidence that the current build process is seriously broken?

I hypothesize that one problem with it is seen to be that too few people 
have direct experience/understanding of it. So while introducing an 
entirely different system would level the playing field (by ensuring 
that nobody had knowledge of it) it would hardly advance the status quo 
very much.

I also hypothesize that there is a perceived need to enhance the current 
environment to do continuous validation better. But, as I said before, 
this is pointless until we have better test materials. And if we had 
better test materials then we'd see immediate benefits in our current 
build process, with no need to go to a completely new environment.

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