[tei-council] Calling all naming experts

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 7 07:54:18 EST 2011

Now that we seem to have moved on from the naming of objectTypes, could 
I respectfully draw Council's attention to another proposal for a new 
element, specifically to see whether anyone has a better idea for its 
proposed name?

The requirement is documented in sf ticket 3147225, from which I quote:

Messages on TEI-L starting 28 Oct 2010 with subject "encoding musical 
drama" point to the need for some chunk-level element capable of 
combining multiple <sp> elements into a single unit without needing to 
open a <div>. A major use case is for passages of dialogue meant to be 
sung, perhaps with some assciated dialogue which are identified as 
distinct parts of a dramatic text, for example items labelled as 
"musical numbers" . Crucially, such items are at the same hierarchic 
level as the speeches which precede and follow them. The proposal is to 
define a new <spGrp> element which would stand in more or less the same 
relation to <sp> as does <lg> to <l> : it would be a member of 
model.divPart, and have a content model, and have the same content model 
as <sp>

No-one has actually said this is a bad idea yet, though that's also an 
option. But assuming it's not a bad idea, I wonder if we can come up 
with a better name?

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