[tei-council] how to encode a hyphen at the end of a line, column, or page when you are encoding hyphens

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 5 12:22:18 EST 2011

On 5 Jan 2011, at 17:03, Martin Holmes wrote:

> So perhaps we could start by answering one simple question:
> Do we believe that the existence of a hyphen, doubling, etc. should be 
> expressed through character data external to the break, or should it be 
> expressed through @rend? In other words:
> help-<lb/>ful
> or
> help<lb rend="hyphen"/>ful

I do fear this is shutting the stable door after the horse. Both ways of working
are out there in the wild, are "supported" by TEI for 20 years, and each
has its merits. I suppose we could recommend afresh, tho, in which case
I'd go with the @rend option where possible (bearing in mind I need to commit
myself to distinguishing typesetter's hyphenation from author-ial hyphenation.)

When I say bed-
wetters, are you sure
you you know wh-
at I mean? A type-
setter once hyphen-
ated G-
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