[tei-council] how to encode a hyphen at the end of a line, column, or page when you are encoding hyphens

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Tue Jan 4 21:31:17 EST 2011

So, I fear that Lou is the only current Council member who really 
understands the issues around hyphenation and that I am the only one who 
finds the lack of clear guidance on this question in P5 to be a 
significant problem.  (Martin Mueller is an ally but is not on Council.) 
  This has come up a few times over the past few years on TEI-L, with no 
changes made to P5 except the addition of a suggested value for @type in 
the note attached to the definition of the lb element.

As I mentioned last month, I find "inWord" and "nobreak" (given in the 
definition of lb) unclear without examples of each.  In addition, as a 
reader I would expect to find in section 3.10.3 and/or 3.2 of P5 a 
discussion of the three hyphen characters mentioned in 3.2: when to use 
each and how they could (or should) be used in combination with the lb, 
cb, and pb elements.

Lou, since my summary sent to tei-council last month seemed to proposed 
solutions to more problems that we need to solve (or simply raises 
additional problems), could you write a proposal that addresses only the 
narrow question (which, to be honest, I'm not even sure how to state)? 
You might be able to start with your 2010-03-24 message to TEI-L.  In 
fact, maybe this is still the best solution, but I think we need to make 
sure that points raised on TEI-L and at our discussion in Dublin have 
been taken into account.  Not sure whether you want to send to 
tei-council or TEI-L and whether it should go into SourceForge.

I would be be quite grateful!


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