[tei-council] Updates to TEI Council web page

O'Donnell, Dan daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Mon Jan 3 13:20:41 EST 2011

Also, I will be sending out service letters this week (i.e. my annual 
letter describing and thanking you for your contribution to the TEI for 
use on activity reports and the like).

This is a form letter PDF that I email to you, but I have a field for a 
a custom sentence or two if there is some particular activity that you'd 
like me to note. My goal is to work on them tomorrow during a flight, so 
if you have something let me know before tomorrow.


On 11-01-03 10:18 AM, David Sewell wrote:
> Dear Council members,
> I have updated the TEI website Council page
> http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/Council/index.xml
> to reflect the new membership. Please let me know if you see any
> remaining changes that are needed, and can everyone check the wording of
> their affiliation and their website link (if any) and let me know if
> you would like to change your own information, or add a website link if
> you don't have one.
> Thanks,
> David S.
> TEI webmaster

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