[tei-council] Vote early for ticket tidyup (part 1)

Lou lou.burnard at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Sep 13 13:43:13 EDT 2010

In a unexpected access of zeal, I have been looking through long 
outstanding feature requests on sourceforge. Where possible, I have 
added a comment stating what I propose as a resolution (or not) of the 
issue discussed. The comment begins with the words "Proposal is..."

Could Council members please take a look at these tickets as soon as 
possible, and VOTE as to whether they agree with the proposed resolution?

You can vote by editing and then returning the following ballot paper, 
replacing the ellipsis with one of AGREE  DISAGREE or  DUNNO

Where the AGREEs are in the majority, I will then carry out the proposed 
change and close the ticket. If the DISAGREE votes are in the majority, 
I won't. If the DUNNO votes are in the majority, we will have to discuss 
the item at our ftf, sigh, so please don't vote DUNNO unless you have 
to. Also note that if you vote DISAGREE, you are morally obliged to 
explain why, and preferably propose a better course of action (as an 
extra comment on the ticket).


2994666  Change idno content model to macro.xText  ....
2859183  Make all milestoneLike elements spanning  ....
2834871  Close ticket: will not fix                ....
2859355  Permit macro.xText within <subst>         ....
2984463  Add new class att.sortable                ....
2994740  Add new milestoneLike element <gb>        ....
2994671  Review suggested values for @calendar     ....
3019781  Close ticket: text clarified ok           ....

Gosh is that the time. Part two of this list will come in a separate 
message, but you can start voting NOW!

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