[tei-council] TEI Tite maintenance (was Re: One Licence Does it all)

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Tue Aug 10 14:42:24 EDT 2010

The serious issue is when one TEI member will make use of AccessTEI  
but come accros discrepancy with what he thinks would be the reference  
schema (namely Tite-canonical as maintained by us).
This why I suggest a quick re-alignment with Apex (action on Dan) and  
then, as you suggest, have a council member act as liaison.

Le 10 août 10 à 20:31, Kevin Hawkins a écrit :

> My vision is that the TEI Council will continue maintaining the
> canonical version of Tite so that some day, if Apex and the TEI-C end
> their relationship, we will have an improved starting point for  
> another
> vendor to use in this program rather than relying on Apex to give us
> their latest schema.
> Furthermore, if another vendor wants to start up their own bulk
> digitization program while AccessTEI is still going with Apex, this
> vendor has a good starting point in the form of the canonical version
> with corrections made to it.
> Kevin
> On 8/10/2010 2:26 PM, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> The point is that we should make sure that
>> a) Apex uses the schema we maintain
>> b) Apex is informed of our SF tickets on the fly (can we automatize
>> this on SF?) and can react when differences are too big.
>> @Dan: please make sure that Apex realign quickly
>> Laurent
>> Le 10 août 10 à 20:22, Lou Burnard a écrit :
>>> That's all very well, but what is the point of our making changes in
>>> the
>>> canonical TEI Tite so long as Access TEI uses something else?
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