[tei-council] ODD headers and licensing terms for customizations provided by TEI-C

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Aug 10 11:38:23 EDT 2010

On 10 Aug 2010, at 16:18, Martin Holmes wrote:

> Although on consideration, it might be a thornier problem than I 
> originally thought. Wouldn't we have to get permission from every 
> contributor for a change of licensing? That's been a problem for 
> open-source projects in the past.

No, because we have always worked on the principle that the TEIC
owns the IPR, not the individual. Actually, legally, we are in a mess,
because none of us has explicitly assigned our rights to the TEIC
via a contributor agreement, but can we agree to pretend I didn't mention

> schemas are two different types of thing. I don't think there's much to 
> gain from trying to place any restrictions on the use and distribution 
> of schemas. We all have everything to gain and nothing to lose from 
> wider adoption of TEI-based schemas, and "forking" is customization, 
> which we openly encourage.
but not by tweaking the actual schema, surely?

>>   YES: someone sells eBook versions of the Guidelines translated into Greek, and makes the source changes available
>>    NO:  someone sells eBook versions of the Greek Guidelines, but does it by translating HTML output
> I would say YES to this. I don't care how they generate their text, as 
> long as they acknowledge the source.
>>    YES: someone makes changes to Lite, calls it MyLite, and distributes it as ODD + PDF + DTD
>>     NO: someone produces MyLite.dtd by editing teilite.dtd and distributes it
> Again, I would say YES to this. Who cares how they arrive at their 
> schema? It's a TEI schema -- we should be glad they're using and 
> distributing it.

these are big philosophical questions, which we should resolve. The
GPL licence we use now would enforce my NOs, I believe, so if everyone
now believes this is wrong, we had better revisit with (with the Board).

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