[tei-council] Monday ticket agenda

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sun Feb 7 11:44:53 EST 2010

According to the minutes of our last call, we were going to discuss the 
following items
     * 2811239: new element 'object'
     * 2811234: add @ref to 'material'
     * 2724997: Cater for audio/video facsimile
However, in practice, I haven't seen any discussion of these topics as 
yet so we should probably relegate them to the Dublin FTF unless anyone 
is all fired up to speak to them.

There has however been some discussion of some of the 40 or so other 
outstanding tickets. I've therefore made a quick selection from 
outstanding amber issues, looking for some which (I think) we might 
possibly be able to resolve quickly. Feel free to propose others!

     * 2714682: permit <biblScope> as child or as sibling of <imprint>
        -- at present we allow either. This is confusing. Is it right?

     * 2812634: @docStatus on <edition>
     * 2909766: made del and add dateable
       -- these both relate to use of TEI for born digital docs.
       not unreasonable stretches

     * 2925031: @ident datatype on <valItem>
       -- what is the diff between data.code and data.enumerated

     * 2940860: add xml:space to att.global
       -- is this really necessary?

     * 2919640: global at facsKey
   	-- redefine @facs or replace it?
     * 2925145: generic date class --
	should @when mean @when-iso or @when-w3c?

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