[tei-council] TEI pre-council symposium on 28 April

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Fri Jan 29 05:31:26 EST 2010

These all sounds good to me.  Laurent's suggestions for Martin don't 
seem to be quite what Martin first suggested, but perhaps he could write 
to Laurent and me to agree on a topic from the various suggestions put 
forth.  --Kevin

Laurent Romary wrote:
> I would suggest (Kevin, please check):
> - Martin: experience gained from TEIJournal and vision/advice on the  
> direction the TEI should go to provide a better support for scholarly  
> publishing, and yes, what could be the optimal strategy  with regards  
> - James: yes, DM and, analysing (a little like Martin) how the TEI  
> impacted or constrained the design of the whole thing
> Think of your talks as position papers: the intend is to make us all  
> "think".
> Does this help?
> Laurent

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