[tei-council] First draft of TC M 27, notes from Wednesday's call, are up

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at loria.fr
Thu Nov 23 02:01:08 EST 2006

Dear all,
I take up one of the action items, namely securing the date for the  
next TEI council. I take this opportunity to offer that we have a  
preliminary one-day workshop with those council members who would be  
willing to arrive one day earlier. The workshop would consist in  
bringing representatives from several TEI related projects in Germany  
(and around...) to present their use of the TEI, their difficulties  
and possibly their requests to the TEI, with direct exchanges with  
the council members. This would occur in the context where several of  
these projects are actually thinking of establishing joint basic  
guidelines to be widely disseminated and possibly endorsed by one  
German funding agency (cf. the AHRC-AHDS model in the UK).
I would thus like to have feedback from all concil members on:
1) are the 26-27 April OK for you all
2) would you be ready to be in Berlin on 25 April as well for such a  

Le 23 nov. 06 à 06:57, Syd Bauman a écrit :

> I have put up on the web a somewhat fast-and-lousy first draft of the
> notes from our teleconference Wednesday. Even if you don't have time
> to read the whole thing immediately (and it's not that long), please
> take a look, searching for your initials, the word "Council" or
> "all", and the string "??" or "[?". Please post any corrections,
> omissions, suggestions, etc., either to the list or send directly to
> me.
> In particular, I missed a bit of what Christian said about the
> continuation of personagraphy, and several points about MM2006.
> Note that I have sometimes used the person "Council" or "all" to mean
> "each individual council member", as opposed to the Council as a
> whole. Also note that the labels in the section "Minutes from last
> meeting" are primarily just cut-and-paste from the previous call's
> notes for easy reference.
> Note also that due to the American holiday, I may not be able to make
> any updates until the weekend.
>   http://www.tei-c.org/Council/tcm27.xml?style=printable
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