[tei-council] teleconference logistics

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Sun Nov 19 22:56:31 EST 2006

> Expected to participate:
> Syd Bauman, David Birnbaum, Tone Merete Bruvik, Lou Burnard,
> Arianna Ciula, James Cummings, Matthew Driscoll, Amit Kumar, Dan
> O'Donnel, Dot Porter, Sebastian Rahtz, Laurent Romary, Susan
> Schreibman, Conal Tuohy, John Walsh, Christian Wittern, Matthew
> Zimmerman

Matt Zimmerman is no longer on Council, having been replaced by
Daniel O'Donnel, and so he should probably not be expected to
participate. (Unlike elected members, whose term starts on 01 Jan 07,
Daniel has already replaced Matthew as Chair. Matthew continues to
serve on the Board until 31 Dec 06, but does not serve as chair of
the consortium.)

Daniel, on the other hand, lives in Lethbridge, which, I believe, is
in MST or UTC -07:00. That means this call would occur at 05:00 for
him. (Amit has it slightly better, at 06:00.) In theory Daniel could
ask the vice-chair (Julia) to sit in for him, but I happen to know
she will be on vacation.

If we move the meeting to 18:00 UTC, it would be a civilized 11:00
for Daniel and a near-civilized 07:00 (on Thu) for Conal. It would be
a reasonable 13:00 for those of us on the East Coast (a particularly
bad time for me, actually, but I will try to work around whatever we
do), but obviously kind of late for the Europeans (19:00 for Laurent,


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