[tei-council] date-stamping <desc>

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Oct 10 15:11:03 EDT 2006

Syd Bauman wrote:
> Well, I suppose if you have really strict and well-enforced rules on
> when a version= gets incrememnted, this would work too. The advantage
> of my translationOfVersion= attribute is that it makes clear that
> making an improvement to the translation does not mean you change the
> attribute value; you only change the attribute value when you've
> changed the content to be a translation of a different source string,
> albeit perhaps only slightly different.
yes, I think your argument has some strength. I'd
be happy to have @version instead of @onDate
if y'all agree. It would solve my immediate
problem, and one can't ask for more than that.

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