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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Oct 10 10:49:30 EDT 2006

Dot Porter wrote:
> Lou, how does this look?
> <svg:svg>
>  <svg:desc>Woodcut of "The Study"</svg:desc>
>    <svg:image id="p981" xlink:href="study.jpg"/>
>    <svg:rect id="p982" xlink:href="study.jpg" x="75" y="75"
> width="100" height="100"/>
>    <svg:rect id="p983" xlink:href="study.jpg" x="55" y="42"
> width="100" height="400"/>
> </svg:svg>
hmm.  the hrefs on <rect> are not legal. I claim that the following
TEI code does more link what you want (tested against an ODD schema
which includes SVG as child of <figure>).

It bothers me that SVG uses @id and we use @xml:id.

    <link targets="#l9802 #p9802 #e9802"/>
    <link targets="#l9803 #p9803 #e9803"/>
      <head>Woodcut of "The Study"</head>
        <svg:image xlink:href="study.jpg" width="300" height="200" />
        <svg:rect  id="p9802" x="75" y="75"
               width="25" height="10"/>
        <svg:rect  id="p9803" x="55" y="42"
               width="25" height="10"/>
      <div xml:id="e98" xml:lang="en" type="lesson">
        <head>The Study</head>
          <seg xml:id="e9801">The Study</seg>
          <seg xml:id="e9802">is a place</seg>
          <seg xml:id="e9803">where a Student,</seg>
          <seg xml:id="e9804">a part from men,</seg>
          <seg xml:id="e9805">sitteth alone,</seg>
          <seg xml:id="e9806">addicted to his Studies,</seg>
          <seg xml:id="e9807">whilst he readeth</seg>
          <seg xml:id="e9808">Books,</seg>
      <div xml:id="l98" xml:lang="la" type="lesson">
          <seg xml:id="l9801">Museum</seg>
          <seg xml:id="l9802">est locus</seg>
          <seg xml:id="l9803">ubi Studiosus,</seg>
          <seg xml:id="l9804">secretus ab hominibus,</seg>
          <seg xml:id="l9805">solus sedet,</seg>
          <seg xml:id="l9806">Studiis deditus,</seg>
          <seg xml:id="l9807">dum lectitat</seg>
          <seg xml:id="l9808">Libros,</seg>

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