[tei-council] image encoding comments

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Sep 27 07:13:39 EDT 2006

Amit Kumar wrote:
> IMHO  tei:graphic is redundant, but I would let learned  in the group come to a judgement.
there is an awful lot of redundancy in the TEI. Yes, <tei:graphic> is 
syntactic sugar for <svg><image/></svg>, but so is <html:a> or even
<html:object>, no? sometimes one wants simpler notations.

My problem with SVG is that once you allow the SVG stuff in,
you allow it all in, and that has problems for implementation.
Since most people don't have SVG enabled in their browser,
you have to dumb down to plain (X)HTML, which is hard
if people hurl in huge gobs of complex SVG.

I know SVG is cute, but it still, after all these years,
seems to be a very minority subject.

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