[tei-council] image encoding comments

Amit Kumar amitku at uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 27 07:02:58 EDT 2006

Dear Council and Editors,

A couple of comments about the image encoding document  by Conal and Dot that I wanted to send in.

>Reference to:
>Notes Section:
>1. tei:graphic/@scale and svg:image/@preserveAspectRatio >(http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/coords.html#preserveAspectRatio) >are, I believe, similar, but they are Greek to me. I need >help here.

svg:image/@preserveAspectRatio is different from tei:graphic/@scale

if you set preserveAspectRatio to be false in SVG then the width and height can be scaled independently

tei:graphic/@scale does not allow that, this scale would apply equally in both the X and Y direction. 

>2. svg:image lacks @mimeType, but is it necessary?

I would think so specially if someone wants to write a tool that displays the document/image outside the SVG environment and  considering  svg:image can refer to other svg files (right?)

IMHO  tei:graphic is redundant, but I would let learned  in the group come to a judgement.

It is past the due date but I had read the P5 14.9 and had no concerns at that time.


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