[tei-council] files renamed

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Thu Sep 14 08:52:24 EDT 2006

Indeed, French is now completely broken, as
a) the chapter files are symlinks that now point to non-existent
   files, and
b) the external-entities.dtd file is (deliberately) the same as the
   one used for English.

Proposed Solutions
-------- ---------
1) Make fr/ (and other languages) use the same English-like names.

2) Permit fr/ (and other languages) to use whatever names they want,
   so long as the initial portion (the part before the first hyphen
   or dot) is the same. To do this we would
   * Fix the links in fr/ so they point to the new chapters
   * Since the external-entities.dtd file would now be
     language-specific, we would copy it into each of the language
     sub-directories, making the appropriate changes
   * Delete the original external-entities.dtd file
   * Maintenance now potentially requires changing each of the
     language-specific external-entities.dtd file. (Not a big deal,
     but another thing to be remembered :-)

3) Revert to the 2-letter system

Note that I am not planning to try to fix fascicle generation until
we've decided on this issue.

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