[tei-council] file names voting results

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Sep 4 17:41:52 EDT 2006

Conal Tuohy wrote:
> AFAIK the point of the exercise is merely to help authors, editors,
> translators, etc, to make reference to those files, by giving them a
> human-language label as well as their unique code. 
Indeed. I can see some (rather small) point in it, which is why I voted for it.
All other things being equal, I'd have made the identifiers match the
file names (as those for *Spec do), but I can see that's too late.

> Moreover, it's better to retain the short codes for
> the output file names since they are likely to make more stable URLs
> than the human-readable labels, which are subject to revision.
ok, sure, I can see the argument there

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