[tei-council] Possibilities for new file names.

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Sat Aug 19 14:22:32 EDT 2006

CW> There is an action item on the eds from the last meeting:
CW> <action>implement JC's 'short names' suggestion unless objections
CW> are raised</action> with a deadline of 2006-09-01

Right. And since objections have been raised, we won't be implementing
the name changes on 09-01. (To bad, I was looking forward to doing
that :-)

CW> Are there specific changes you want to suggest? (I made two
CW> changes below).

Yes, if we do go with a plan like this, there are a few tweaks I'd
suggest, noted below. But more importantly, there is one change I've
already made: I've changed the name of chapter 33 (REFCLA) from
"Element Classes" to just "Classes".

I did *not* change the many references to "element classes" in TD
(chapter 27 "Documentation Elements"), but rather added one phrase to
indicate that "classes" is shorthand for "element classes".

[I did, however fix an egregious error in CF that, at this point, no
one but Matthew and James would really care about.]

My tweaks involve camel-casing DEDICATION and adding "TEI" to the list
of stop words.

  AB.xml -> AB-About.xml
  AI.xml -> AI-AnalyticMechanisms.xml
  BIB.xml -> BIB-Bibliography.xml
  CC.xml -> CC-LanguageCorpora.xml
  CE.xml -> CE-CertaintyResponsibility.xml
  CF.xml -> CF-Conformance.xml
  CH.xml -> CH-LanguagesCharacterSets
  COL.xml -> COL-Colophon.xml
  CO.xml -> CO-CoreElements.xml
  DEDICATION.xml -> Dedication.xml
  DI.xml -> DI-PrintDictionaries.xml
  DR.xml -> DR-PerformanceTexts.xml
  DS.xml -> DS-DefaultTextStructure.xml
  DT.xml -> DT-ObtainingSchemas.xml
  FD.xml -> FD-FeatureSystemDeclaration.xml
  FM1.xml -> FM1-IntroductoryNote.xml
  FS.xml -> FS-FeatureStructures.xml
  FT.xml -> FT-TablesFormulaeGraphics.xml
  GD.xml -> GD-GraphsNetworksTrees.xml
  guidelines-en.xml (no change needed!)
  HD.xml -> HD-Header.xml
  IN.xml -> IN-RulesForInterchange.xml
  MD.xml -> MD-ModifyingCustomizing.xml
  MS.xml -> MS-ManuscriptDescription.xml
  ND.xml -> ND-NamesDates.xml
  NH.xml -> NH-MultipleHierarchies.xml
  PARTIND.xml (no renaming? or rename to something with 'index' in the name?)
  PH.xml -> PH-PrimarySources.xml
  PREFS.xml -> PrefatoryNote.xml
  REFCLA.xml -> Classes.xml
  REFENT.xml -> Macros.xml
  REFTAG.xml -> Elements.xml
  SA.xml -> SA-LinkingSegmentationAlignment.xml
  SG.xml -> SG-GentleIntroduction.xml
  SH.xml -> SH-OtherMetadataStandards.xml
  ST.xml -> ST-Infrastructure.xml
  TC.xml -> TC-CriticalApparatus.xml
  TD.xml -> TD-DocumentationElements.xml
  TE.xml -> TE-TerminologicalDatabases.xml
  TS.xml -> TS-TranscriptionsofSpeech.xml
  VE.xml -> VE-Verse.xml
  WD.xml -> WD-NonStandardCharacters.xml

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