[tei-council] tei release 0.4 coming soon

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jun 21 18:09:49 EDT 2006

Unless I hear noises to the contrary, I propose to release 0.4 of TEI P5 on
or around July 1st.

Lou/Syd, would you like to start composing a release notes
document? There have been quite a few changes.....

In a fit of unnatural activity I have updated
http://www.tei-c.org/P5/ a little, and put a brand new
browseable (X)HTML version of P5 at

We have a pretty good testing system for the schemas and dtds
of P5, but the documentation layout has received less attention.
I'd be grateful if a few people could road test the
URL above, and check things work as they expect. I am not
so very interested in details of design, but in positive
misfeatures and brokenness. Of course, if anyone wants to work
on the design, I'd be delighted to hand over the CSS file!

What's now missing before the release is

 * some work by me on Roma to support I18N better, and (if time) some work
on documentation generated by Roma.

 * whatever other class changes Syd gets in before the wire

 * any more revisions to personography

If Lou or Syd fix up the global note issue in time, that would be
good publicity.

Lastly, you may not at first sight realize this, but the names and dates
chapter contains the brand new prose from the personography
activity. This is still raw stuff, but obviously well worth a read...

Sebastian Rahtz      

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