[tei-council] TEI next release

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Sun Jun 18 20:09:23 EDT 2006

> Sure, its not that much trouble to make a release. We just might
> disagree on what "non-trivial" comprises. Adding some documentation
> and making a new release of it seems a bit OTT.

I don't know what "OTT" means, but if by documentation you mean the
prose of the Guidelines (as opposed to, say, comments in the
Makefile), then yes, I think adding new explanatory prose is worthy
of a new release. Sure, a few typos doesn't cut it, but anything
significant ...

> > Note that these are shortcomings of what's coming out from Roma the
> > web app. I can't tell what stylesheets it is using. 
> exactly the same one as the command line...

Oh. Right. But that's "/usr/share/xml/tei/stylesheet", i.e.
whatever's installed by Sebastian's Debian package -- not much use to
me here on my Mac. As I said, I've used both the released version as
available on the TEI website and the development version as
downloaded from Sourceforge (and then `make dist`).

> > When I use the command-line roma.sh I get *serious* problems in
> > the content models

> ah, this is all news to me. you'll have to give me a sample .odd
> file to test, I am afraid.

I've mentioned it before, I'm sure. But in any case, you'll find two
test directories (one for each of the styleseet sets I tried)
complete with source ODD file, output HTML and other files, and a
'cmd.bash' that shows the commandline switches I sent to Roma at

> maybe the TEI should pay for a decent net connection for you...

Maybe, but now that I've borrowed a suitemate's ethernet cable,
things are a bit better.

> > | * Classes that have no members should be supressed.
> >   
> I think I did that

That would be excellent. 

> > | * There should be a table of contents with links to "Classes",
> > |   "Elements", and "Macros", and also to <div>s up to a certain level
> > |   of nesting.
> design; not  a bug
> > | * There should be a large, obvious divider between the "Classes",
> > |   "Elements", and "Macros" sections.
> design, ditto
> > | * Perhaps there should be a table of contents with links to each and
> > |   every class, element, and macro
> design, ditto

I'm not sure why you care whether these are bugs (which I didn't mean
to imply they were) or design flaws, they are serious problems would
really should be addressed to make the reference documentation more

> > | * The global attributes should be listed in each element definition
> > |   as a single class reference, rather than individually
> On TODO list

Excellent, although I understand this is quite a difficult task.

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