[tei-council] notes from Kyoto are up

Matthew Zimmerman mz34 at nyu.edu
Thu Jun 15 09:28:46 EDT 2006

> Well, I usually try to get the commitment of a date as soon as we have
> an item nailed down, something like "end of June" or "next week" is
> good enouth for me in this sense.

Yes, i apologize for that. There are no dates in the notes because I  
didn't ask for them when making the action items. That was my fault.

> If you look at the
> http://www.tei-c.org.uk/Council/tcm[nn].xml?style=raw links for the
> notes before tcm23 you will see what I would call consistency in
> encoding, at least good enough for our purposes. As for the style,
> noting the results in complete English sentences with acceptable
> spellings would give us a fair record of what we discussed and even be
> presentable to the members, who do want to track what we are doing
> with their money.


> The reason I gave no details about how to do notes is that I was
> expecting this was self evident from looking at the notes at and after
> every of our conferences.

True. Well I have learned the hard way that not taking is a demanding  
task over two days.

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