[tei-council] kyoto action item

David J Birnbaum djbpitt+tei at pitt.edu
Mon Jun 12 17:04:48 EDT 2006

Dear Council,

Matt's summary of the Kyoto Council meeting reminds me that I have been 
charged "to draft document of guiding principles for further dev of p5," 
and I am writing now to ask for input from interested Council members as 
I begin that draft.

The motivation for this initiative was the apparent lack of agreement 
within Council about whether there will ever be a P6, when (or even 
whether) it will again be acceptable to break backward compatibility, 
etc. At the Kyoto meeting I described this problem more generally as a 
lack of agreement about background assumptions, and I suggested that we 
remedy that problem by making our assumptions explicit and coming to an 
agreement on some general principals for future development. Christian 
then asked me to assume responsibility for drafting such principles, 
which I agreed to do.

So: If anyone has any suggestions that are relevant to this charge, 
please send them to me at djbpitt+tei at pitt.edu at your earliest 
convenience, so that I can incorporate them into the draft.



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