[tei-council] TEI next release

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Sat Jun 10 11:38:37 EDT 2006

> I believe that it is very desirable to make releases of TEI P5 at
> regular intervals, to show folks that we mean business and have
> some of plan. To that end, I want to release a TEI 0.4 at the end
> of this month if at all possible.

As I've said before, I think it is much better to push out releases
whenever P5 is in a reasonable and stable condition, rather than on
some predetermined temporal schedule. This would result in much more
frequent releases, giving us a much better image of "we mean
business", and potentially giving us better feedback, etc.

> Do others agree? If so, what preconditions would you impose?

Yes, I would say that the HTML generated from `make html` needs to
work. On my system last I checked it still generated a single
index.html file with the prose of the Guidelines, but href=
attributes that refer to (non-existent) chapter files.

> To my mind, what we really need to get in is the changes to the
> class system agreed in Kyoto, and the extra ones proposed and
> unopposed just afterwards. Lou/Syd, is there any hold up on this?

Much is already done, see my next post. (Next post is delayed because
I apparently forgot to check in the file att.authorialIntention.xml,
and I can't check it in and test everything until I get home in a few

> Are there other things which people insist should be in place? One
> thing I do guarentee to have is the ability in Roma to choose
> language of descriptions etc, to take advantage of the French and
> Chinese translations.

IMHO one of the most important things to do ASAR is to fix the
various problems with the roma-generated customized documentation.
While this can be done independently of a release of P5, it is far
more important, and should be done first.

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