[tei-council] More thoughts on attribute classes for transcr

Dot Porter dporter at uky.edu
Thu Apr 6 15:31:29 EDT 2006

Susan and I have continued our discussion on the attribute classes in
transcr, specifically looking at the attributes for add, addSpan, del
and delSpan. As they stand, these elements all have slightly different
attributes assigned to them, but the editors may want to consider
adding attributes currently defined for del and delSpan to add and
addSpan and creating new classes.

Is there such thing as a "faulty addition" - an addition that contains
too little or too much text (as a result of eyeskip, for example)? If
so then we may want to define @status on <add> and <addSpan>. @type
could be useful on <add> as it is for <del> (primary and secondary
additions, for example).

There are still two differences amongst the attributes for these four
elements: <addSpan> and <delSpan> share @to, and <add> and <addSpan>
share @place. We really don't think @place makes any sense for <del>.
So, we can consider either new attribute classes for:

<addSpan>, <delSpan> (@hand, type, status, to, with @place separate on
<addSpan>) and <add>,<del> (@hand, type, status, with @place separate
on <add>)

OR for

<addSpan>,<add> (@place, hand, type, status, with @to separate on
<addSpan>) and <delSpan>,<del> (@hand, type, status, with @to separate
on <delSpan>.

Or an attribute class with @hand, type, status, and declare @place
separete for the <add>s and @to separate for the <Span>s.

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