[tei-council] analysis and linking modules

Conal Tuohy Conal.Tuohy at vuw.ac.nz
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While I remember - while I was looking at the linking module I noticed a glitch:

http://tei.oucs.ox.ac.uk/Query/tag.xq?name=join has an example which mentions the attribute targOrder, but there seemed to be no definition of this attribute. I guess the revision of the examples is another item on a future agenda :-)

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Morning all!

Linking module

This module seemed pretty well classified already. As far as I can see, applying the procedure which Christian gave, there are no changes required.

I saw a mention in edw87 of the <ab> element being removed - is this still on the cards?


I did find a few things in this module:

// character
element c { att.global.attributes, text } // should include model.gLike?

element c { att.global.attributes, text | model.gLike }

There's a commonality between <m> (morpheme) and <w> (word):

// morpheme
element m
   attribute baseForm { data.word }?,
   ( text | model.gLike | model.blockLike | c | model.global )* // = model.mPart

// word
element w
   attribute lemma { data.word }?,
   ( text | model.gLike | model.blockLike | w | m | c | model.global )* // (model.mPart | w | m)*

I suggest defining m's content model as model.mPart, and w's content would then be:
(model.mPart | w | m)*

Finally, the element <span> has attributes @from and @to (data.pointer type) which might be worth grouping into an attribute class. I thought these might be usable by elements in other modules which attach some metadata to a span of text, though I couldn't find any such elements myself. 

Hope you all have a good weekend!


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