[tei-council] FAND strikes

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sat Feb 4 14:57:07 EST 2006

Alejandro Bia wrote:
> Changing numbered divs to un-numbered divs is a very easy transformation 
> (by means of XSLT, or even some Find&Replace macro).

Of course the the opposite is also true.  It is almost as easy to change 
un-numbered divs into numbers divs.

> Nowadays, markup is no longer written by hand (I hope), and hence, not 
> so dependent on hints like div numbers. With modern editors, tags are 
> chosen from a DTD-guided menu (as in XMetaL). With features like 
> on-screen tag collapsing, or tree-structure views, which modern editors 

I write mine by hand quite often (but of course generate many other 
forms) and yes, do use oXygen with all its little ease-of-use additions.

> This type of simplifications are usually good...

Agreed.  Of course if someone could happen to have already produced the 
ODD which adds back in numbered divs (which is why I always liked the 
phantom-class solution, since that makes it stunningly easy) and have it 
ready at hand as soon as someone complains, then that could be a useful 
public relations exercise.

However, I think it should add this only to 'full' TEI, not TEI-Lite.

Moderate FAND supporter.

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