[sixties-l] Columbia Conference: Politics/History of Social Change

From: Jesse Lemisch (utopia1@attglobal.net)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 12:15:41 EST

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    > Why We Write: The Politics and History of Writing for Social Change
    > March 28-29, 2003
    > Columbia University
    > New York, NY 10027
    > As a result of the overwhelming success of last year's
    > interdisciplinary conference on the History of Activism, History as
    > at Columbia University, the graduate students in the history department
    > currently organizing an interdisciplinary conference on
    > the historical, theoretical, and political dimensions of writing. The
    > objective of the conference is to provide a forum for writers,
    > activists, novelists, screenwriters, poets, journalists, graduate
    > and faculty--from all fields and across all time periods and geographic
    > locations--to discuss "why they write."
    > Proposals could address but are not limited to:
    > historical, sociological, literary, medical, legal, and anthropological
    > examinations of writing.
    > writing theories of gender, sexuality, and identity
    > the importance of the printed word in issues related to nationalism
    > globalism, human rights, environmentalism, and animal rights.
    > the role of the activist, scholar, and writer in public culture
    > rethinking disciplinary boundaries and imagining the future of
    > interdisciplinary studies
    > getting published: the politics and mechanics of writing articles,
    > collections, producing documentaries, and writing screenplays.
    > bridging the gap between writing scholarly articles and teaching the
    > writing public history
    > writing outside the academy
    > Please send proposals (roughly 250 words) with a CV to
    > Deadline is January 5, 2003--proposals sent before the deadline are
    > encouraged.
    > Accepted panelists will be notified by February 16, 2003

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