Re: [sixties-l] Todd Gitlin Does the Boss Man's Work (fwd)

From: Ron Jacobs (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 08:24:00 EST

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    Hey Marty,
    Read the last paragraph--I clearly state that the grassroots will decide
    the makeup of the movement. My criticism of Gitlin regarded his (and
    others who toe his liberal line) attempts to define the antiwar movement on
    their terms (which they developed in the early 1960s)and labels all those
    to the left of him as communist dupes. This is not only an ironic echo of
    the relationship between the LID and SDS, but is objectively helping out
    the prowar forces. I am not questioning Gitlin's particpation. I am
    challenging his (and those like him) attempts to decide what the make up of
    the antiwar movement should be. It ain't up to him, me, ANSWER, or you.
    It's up to the masses who organize in their hometowns and go to the
    demonstrations, no matter who calls them.
    -ron jacobs

    As I understand it Gitlin spoke at anti-war rally at the UN. I assume that
    he did it on his own volition; he wasn't coerced. But, alas, poor Todd
    isn't pure enough
    for Counterpunch. Maybe all participants at anti-war rallies ought to be
    screened, like at airports. Instead of looking for weapons, our screens
    would look for incorrect thinking. For what it's worth, I'd never pass
    Jacobs' -- or happily, Counterpunch's screening --for the anti-war
    movement. Still I attend rallies, write articles, organizing in my local
    Alas, I want to build the biggest and broadest movement ever -- even
    including Pat Buchanan's isolationist conservatives -- agreeing to disagree
    on every issue but stopping the war on Iraq.
    I assume Ron and his friends at Counterpoint would prefer to remain small
    and irrelevant, but pure.
    Gitlin's should be debated and criticized if people disagree. His
    participation in the movement should not be questioned!
    Marty Jezer

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