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Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 11:03:11 EDT

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    > Saddam's Little Helpers
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    > By Ronald Radosh
    > The New York Post | September 16, 2002

    given that some of the 'pundits' in the media have become
    aware that official american policy of regime change passed
    through congress in 1998 - anyone want to deal with the sets
    of questions associated to why no one is dealing with the

            revenge of watergate

    that was the 'congressional investigative horror' that
    prevented the clinton regime from winning in iraq - just
    as watergate had prevented nixon from winning in vietnam?

    or would asking the impolite questions about why adopting
    the clinton policy under bush is going to be any more
    fashionable or effective???

    I mean almost no one has been willing to deal with or cope
    with the fact that the bush(43) administration sent out
    the very same 'failed clinton policy' limiting arsenic to
    only 10 ppb that had been publically 'shut down' in 2000???

    So what if a part of the problem is that the nation as a
    whole zoned out on the fact that bush(41) actually asserted

            a suspension of offensive operations

    got a cease fire agreement and we have been trying to get
    closure on that 'authorized to use all appropriate force'
    congressional funding for over a decade now... Both the
    official 'anti-war' types and their 'anti-draft' fellow
    travelors like gingrich, rush limbaugh, Dick Cheney { does
    anyone really buy the 1962 DUI was really a good enough
    excuse to bail out on winning the war in Vietnam??? },
    have all been avoiding the longest running congressional
    funded but not fully declared war?

    That americans are trying to figure out IF we can have a
    war without a draft - then is it really as patriotically
    correct a war as say, well, uh...

    We all once asked about

            what if they had a war and no body came

    well for a decade now americans have mostly supported that
    as official government policy. And now congress is considering
    language to make really serious their 1998 position, which had
    been passed to get everyone on the same page that we really
    really really meant that 1991 paper work....



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