[sixties-l] Will Bush rule the world?

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Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 20:37:24 EDT

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    My latest on the Bush League --Stew
    Bush to rule world?
    by Stew Albert

        When George Bush was running for President he promised the American
    people a more "humble" foreign policy if he won the election. Now as maximum
    leader Bush has declared "today Lubbock, tomorrow the world." I suppose
    because Bush didn't really win the election he feels under no obligation to
    keep his promises.

        The scope of Bush's ambition makes Augustus Caesar look modest. The Roman
    Legion's just wanted to rule the known world. These days a lot more world is
    known. Our president is casting his greedy eyes even on China.

        The current target for destruction and domination is Iraq. At first the
    Bushies tried to play the game with a nod to international law and
    traditional doctrines of "just war." They sought to tie Saddam Hussein to
    September 11 and the Al Queda. But extensive investigation proved just the
    opposite. The secularist Iraqi government and the religious fascists of
    Islamic fundamentalism actually hate each other. And the universal finding on
    Iraq was "not guilty" of the Twin Towers massacre.

        So the Bush gang came up with a rather novel concept. Since Iraq might
    someday do something bad to the United States, the US has the right to
    militarily assault that nation and change its government. It resembles
    Hitler's excuse for attacking Russia at a time when his country had signed a
    nonaggression pact promising never to do that terrible thing. Hitler claimed
    that since the Russians were Communists they would probably attack Germany
    someday soon. After the war was over, an international tribunal did not buy
    this excuse for aggression. In fact the court was so miffed that it sent
    quite a few Nazi leaders to the gallows and the Russian invasion was one of
    the reasons.

        Perhaps it is to avoid these very same gallows that the Bush Doctrine
    arrogantly declares that no American will ever be tried in an international
    court. After all, Americans are the good guys.

        For a while it looked like Congress might put up some road blocks on
    Bush's superhighway to war. Some peace minded and libertarian Republicans
    criticized Bushist militarism. But the Democrats, chickenhearted after all
    these years, collapsed, figuring, I guess that if they let Bush steal the
    election they might as well give him the whole Constitution. Congress has
    become such a sham, we can expect a new Caligula to nominate his horse for
    the Senate.

        The Bush doctine of anticipating bad behavior and punishing it before it
    occurs has invaded the legal system. Recently in Oregon a judge disappointed
    the prosecutor, the Portland Police Chief and the anti-terrorist commission
    because she refused to tack on lots of years to an Arab's prison sentence
    just because the guy was sympathetic to a Palestinian Islamic group. The
    Police Chief stated that the fellow might become a terrorist someday.

        And the FBI and its allies are starting to talk of banning protest
    demonstrations, even peaceful ones because "they might be a diversion for
    terrorist acts." It's getting like the sci-fi film "Minority Report," where
    consumerist America has become a nation that arrests and punishes individual
    for crimes they have not yet committed.

        Will Junior Bush actually get to rule the world? I was raised to believe
    that anyone who tried that move was a dangerous psycho who would fall flat on
    their hubris. (My people call it chutzpah.) And economists point out that the
    US is becoming such a deep-in-the-hole debtor nation to foreigners, that
    ultimately it will be them and not the American president who dictates
    policy. And then again there are the terrible terrorists (remember them) who
    have no nation to destroy and who can turn commercial airplanes into weapons
    of mass destruction. It would seem that the Bush Doctrine will only create a
    million more of these suicidal killers.

        Even if Bush does get to rule the world, he wont have much fun doing it.

    Stew Albert
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